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Welcome to Swamp and Rivert Tours

NOW OPEN! We are now open and taking tours daily so give us a call today: 409-988-9342

Welcome to Swamp and Rivert Tours, the #1 place for exciting and educational outdoor fun in the Southeast Texas/Louisiana area. We're glad you stopped by our site and hope you'll decide to stop in and see us in person. If you're visiting the area, our swamp tours are just one of the fun things to do in the region. If you are from around here you'll get a chance to see more of and learn more about your own backyard from a perspective you can't get anywhere else. At Swamp and Rivert Tours we don't use the slower, super noisy and unshaded airboats that require the protection of earplugs. You will see the critters that they scare away.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most entertaining yet unobtrusive experience possible. You'll witness the amazing biodiversity of nature like you've only seen it on television. wild gators, soaring eagles and a whole host of other flora and fauna are just some of the things we can boast about at Swamp and Rivert Tours. While you're at our web site, check out the photo section for a glimpse of what you'll see on the tours. We have so many great things to offer adventurers of every age group, but don't take our word for it. Come out and have your own adventure with us! We hope to see you soon.

Our boats are specially designed to be fast yet quiet, allowing for unobtrusive wildlife viewing. The critters become accustomed to seeing the same white boats over and over so they don't feel threatened. Our boats are also better than airboats because they are less noisy, do not scare the wildlife away, shaded and cooler and there is much less vibration.

Call Today: 409-988-9342

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